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Property Surveying

We offer a range of professional services to our clients. These include:

We are pleased to undertake a range of valuation instructions from Banks for Bank lending purposes.

RICS Condition Report
Similar to a HomeBuyer Report without a valuation figure. The Condition Report focuses on the "condition" of the property. The RICS Condition Report is generally requested to assist with purchase and can be used alongside a bank valuation.

Condition report from RICS -

RICS HomeBuyer Report
A HomeBuyer Report is a detailed property inspection along with valuation: Includes all the features of the RICS Condition Report, plus a market valuation and insurance rebuild cost.

The HomeBuyer Report will not detail every single aspect of the building, but it does spotlight urgent matters that have a substantial effect on the value of the property and need attending to or further investigation. It will include all major sections of a property that are visible to the surveyor, so they will not lift up floors or carpets and wiring will not be included.

Although it may seem like another expense during the house buying process, the cost is relatively small in relation to the potential costs of having to repair something that could have been picked up during a survey. It could also provide you with evidence that may allow you to negotiate on price or you may decide to not go through with the purchase.

Both the HomeBuyer Report and the Condition Report are considered to be the intermediate level of property survey available, as they are much richer in detail than a basic Mortgage Valuation but less comprehensive and thorough than a Full Building Survey.

Homebuyer report from RICS -

Matrimonial Valuations
When a couple separate, the assets of the two will need to be valued and this will often include property. A report will need to be prepared by an RICS Registered Valuer who will determine the market value of the property at a given date. This is used in both informal settlements or for formal court proceedings.

Lettings and Management advice can be provided with all aspects of agricultural land.

Inheritance and Capital Gains Tax
We provide a valuation service to solicitors, accountants and their clients in connection with Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax, to help calculate the amount of tax payable.

Commercial Sales, Letting and Management
We provide valuations for all aspects of Commercial property.

Valuation for Court Proceedings
There are numerous scenarios in which a surveyor is required to provide a valuation for court purposes. Such valuations must be completed in accordance with RICS Red Book Regulations 2014.

Legal Services
We provide a valuation and expert witness service advice to clients and their legal team in connection with the majority of property matters. We regularly represent clients in court with regard to property disputes including wills, divorce cases etc.

Compensation Claims
We undertake valuations and negotiations with public bodies including Road Service, Water Service and their sub-contractors in relation to road widening schemes, vesting orders and compensation claims.